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Water Purifiers


We hope you enjoy browsing through our selection of Carbon Watere Filters, we have many more available, and if you have a specific requirment in mind, please send us an E-mail with your requirments and we bulid one to suit, with fitration cartridges supplied to make the incoming water into the water quality you require.




A high protein, quality growth food that has been especially formulated to provide a balanced diet for KOI during late spring, summer and early autumn period, when there are higher water temperatures. Koi should be fed small amounts often, instead of one large amount, as this aids in water stability. It is best to only feed as much as can be consumed in a few minutes. As with all high protein growth foods, water quality needs to be monitored closely i.e. Ammonia, Nitrite, and pH. For best results this food should be fed with water temperatures in excess of 62of also, the addition of SUPERMIN PLUS Montmorillonite clay will aid in better digestion of food and well being of the fish. This product is in the premiership of Koi foods it contains all a Koi's daily It has been produced in three great sizes which most KOI will love 4mm, 6mm and 11mm


A high quality wheat-germ food that has been especially formulated to provide a balanced diet for KOI during the early spring, late autumn and early winter, temperatures permitting. When Koi Carp are starting to feed after their over wintering period. This food should be fed sparingly to start with and as the filters start to mature, their feed should be increased as the water temperature rises. As with all KOI it is not advisable to feed below 7°c / 46°f ,as the Koi's metabolism slows down below this temperature and the Koi will have difficulty in digesting the food. Available in 4mm


A highly digestible, High Protein food for the rapid growth of small fish. Dai Suki Royal is a new generation starter feed for small Koi Natural palatability enhancers have also been added to the feed. The crumbled nature of the diet allows a slow release of these flavours with consequential stimulation of the feeding response. The food is designed to be clean and dust-free with high water stability and a slow rate of sinking. As with all high protein food, Dai Suki Royal should not be fed to koi under 62F/17C. 54% Protein available in 3mm & 6mm


This is the best feed to use when you feel your Koi have grown to full maturity. Dai Suki Staple is an alternative pellet to our high protein feeds for mature fish, or to be used as an intermediate feed between Dai Suki All Seasons (Wheatgerm) and Dai Suki Gold, high protein summer food.This food may be fed to Koi at water temperatures of 10 C / 50 F and above. This food is a very easily digested Staple food that has a protein content of 38%, and is available in 4mm and 6mm. This feed may be fed with Dai Suki Gold which will increase the protein content or mixed with Dai Suki All Seasons to lower the protein content later in the Autumn, allowing for easier transition between Summer growth foods and Winter Wheatgerm foods.



GRANULAR KOI FRY FOOD HAS ALL THE ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS FRY NEED IN THE EARLY STAGES OF LIFE. 60% Protein Fine granular feed in 250gram Jars. All growing Koi fry need warm and safe water to grow in and should really be removed from your Koi pond, and kept in a tank where they can be monitored and looked after. They will require extremely good water and if possible maintained between 75 F to 80 F. Only a small amount of food is required to start with and if fed in a contained area a small feeding ring will help stop any waste feed or over feed contaminating the water. It is possible once fry have developed into small Koi, approx 2cm long, then it may be useful to supplement their food with Dai Suki Gold 11mm. As the pellet softens many small Koi will feed at once taking little bits from a big pellet, giving them the nourishment they require whilst providing you with a little entertainment.
Dai Suki Feeds
Supermin Plus

Supermin Plus

Powdered Clay, Available in 4 KG, 10 KG, 25 KG


What is Montmorillonite? Montmorillonite is a mineral clay formed over millions of years by the weathering of rocks, which contains many different minerals and residuals of volcanic ash and was named after its discovery in Montmorillon, France.

Why do we use Montmorillonite in our ponds? A pond is an enclosed environment and as such lacks the relavent minerals that exist in natural streams and ponds. By replacing these minerals in their natural form, for example by using Montmorillonite, we will not only give our fish a general tonic but will also enhance colour and lustre. It will also help with the digestion of food, reduce fish waste and contributes to the reduction of other organic wastes held within the pond water. Supermin Plus Montmorillionite clay contains Zeolite, which when used on a regular basis, aids the filtration process by ion exchange and creating a better, more natural environment for our fish. Adding Montmorillionite minerals to the water will help buffer the pH. The addition of these minerals will also improve skin and bone structure as it is used whilst the fish are growing or maintaining a healthy body. Supermin Clay may also be used with Dai Suki pellets as a treat to make a mud food ball. Mix with as little water as possible and drop into the pond away from an bottom drains. The feeding Koi will then ingest the mud as they do when naturally feeding in the wild mud ponds. It may take a few attempts to start with this unfamilar way of feeding, but they are fast learners where food is concerned.

Mixing Instructions: 30g (approx 1 heaped dessertspoon) per 1000 gallons of pond water. Place appropriate amount of powder into a clean container and add half a gallon of pond water. Mix thoroughly until all powder is dissolved and distribute around the pond. This product dissolves completely in water and leaves virtually no sediment. Based on the above weekly rate of 30 grams per 1000 gallons, 2 KG will approximately remineralise 1250 gallons for 12 months and 4 KG will remineralise 2500 gallans for 12 months.

Blanket Answer is a unique blend of minerals and enzymes . The special formula works where many bacteria cultures fail. It is 100% safe for all pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems. UV units or protein skimmers need not be switched off. Unlike other products on the market Now newly available from us in the following sizes, 800g, 2kg,4kg tubs. Blanket Answer is simply added to the pond by pouring the mixed powder and pond water from a designated watering can evenly over the surface. The pond will initially take on a milky appearance, but this will clear after about 4-7 days. The product works best in a constant water temperatures of 10Deg C and above, results will vary depending on pond conditions if applied to water temperatures that drop below 10DegC. Important: As with most water additives, the pond should have a good level of oxygen saturation. Extra care should be taken if river type fish are present such as * Orfe-Rudd-Roach-Sturgeon it is important to maintain a high level of saturated oxygen if present, it is recommended to add a half dose to the pond allow 2-3 days then apply the second half monitoring the pond conditions and River fish. In wildlife ponds that contain tadpoles or spawn we recommend using a 25% dose and repeat every 3 days until a full 100% dose has been administered to lower the possibility of reduce water quality whist present. For optimum results use in water temperature of more than 10 degrees centigrade. During and after applying, wash hands, and store the product in a dry place away from the reach of children. The introduction to the pond of any chemicals or treatments should be at least 10 days from the application of Blanket Answer. Blanket Answer will start to work immediately, and will contribute to the filter mediums staying cleaner. Remember, nothing is to be gained by applying a higher than recommended dose. 800 gram bottle will treat ponds up to 10,000 litres. Use 10 grams per 125 litres (28 gal) - the enclosed scoop can be used. 1 scoop = approx 400 litres (90 gal). Can be increased as required with no adverse effect. For health & safety advice see bottom of page. Special Note: Many users of Blanket Answer have found that after one dose no more has been required. But more can be added if needed in fact in some cases a regular small amount every 3-5 weeks can be beneficial.Blanket Answer
Water Treatments

Pond Treatments

Water and Pond treatments for your koi.


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Best Selling Items

Winter Sinking flake Koi Food. Dai Suki 6mm Flake 5Kg

Winter Sinking flake Koi Food. Dai Suki 6mm Flake 5Kg


Dai Suki All Seasons, Sinking Wheatgerm food. This Sinking Flake food may fed to koi at water temperatures of 7c/46f plus

This food is very easily digested at low temperatures.

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Dai Suki Gold 4mm 20Kg

Dai Suki Gold 4mm 20Kg


Dai Suki Gold, high protein koi food, floating pellets containing immune boosters and colour enhancers.


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Dai Suki Royal 3mm 5Kg

Dai Suki Royal 3mm 5Kg


Dai Suki Royal. High Protein food 54% for use when water temperatures are above 70f /21c this intensive growth is ideal for young koi and may be fed to any koi over 5cms in length as the food is a slow sinking , crumbling food which is easily digested by small fish.

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